1. The order must be fully completed, including payment for a test to be processed and put on the schedule. You should get a paid receipt from Square (The credit card processor) at the time of entering your order.
  2. You will also receive an “Accepted Request” email within two hours as we put your setup into our technicians’ route.
  3. Once you receive the “Accepted Request” you can count on the test being setup as scheduled unless you hear from us. Occasionally, there can be small delays getting permission to access the home.
  4. We often can start the test the day it is ordered. However, we always start a test with in 24 hours of receiving the order EXCEPT: We do not setup or pickup on Sunday or National Holidays.
  5. A typical timeline for a test is as follows:
    1. First 2 hours
      1. Order placed online by client
      2. Payment is made at the time of placing the order
      3. The order is received put on our technicians’ route and an “Accepted Request” email is sent
    2. Next 12 hours
      1. Homefax makes request to enter the home
      2. Homefax sends listing agent requirements for proper testing conditions “Closed House Conditions”
    3. Next 12 hours
      1. Test is started
        (If windows are found open when test is started the test must be extended another day to meet EPA Protocols)
    4. Next 48 Hours
      1. Test is running
      2. Homefax makes request/appointment to pickup the test device
        End of 48 hour test period - Test device is analyzed and report is sent from the test site.
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